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We Didn't Hire an Entire Army, but We Have Put Major Improvements in Place!

How do you improve an already-perfect, Jack Nicklaus Signature clubhouse.jpgDesign golf course? You bring all the amenities surrounding it up to its level. And that's exactly what's happening at Stonewolf Golf Club, under the expert guidance of the Walters Golf Management Group.

When we take over a course, we do it because we know two things: it has the potential to be a club that can meet our exacting standards, and we can do what it takes to meet those standards.

The improvements are already taking place at Stonewolf. Some of them are cosmetic, as we do renovations to the club house, giving it more of a “Rockies” mountain lodge feel. Other improvements are – we'll be blunt – are improvements in attitude. Stonewolf is now the kind of club you would expect when you see the Jack Nicklaus name attached to a property.

Click Here now or call us at (618) 624-4653 for more information or to book your tee time today!


Stonewolf Golf Club
1195 Stonewolf Trail
Fairview Heights, IL 62208
Phone: 618-624-4653
[email protected]
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